Who can join Somerset Dowsers?

Anyone with an interest in dowsing who agrees to abide by the requirements of Membership is welcome to join. No prior knowledge or experience of dowsing is required, and new Members are welcome at any time. We are a friendly group, with a mixed membership from beginners to professional dowsers. Membership is £12 per year – payable annually each October at our Annual General Meeting, (if joining after the A.G.M. the fee remains at £12  until June 1st when it reduces to £6 for the remaining period).
For a Membership Form, please contact our Secretary – see Contact Us page.

Benefits of Membership:
• Regular Group events covering a range of dowsing-related topics, providing an environment to expand your knowledge and experience of dowsing, and its many and varied applications – including earth energies, archaeology, dowsing for health, lost objects and water dowsing
• Guest speakers, generally at our Taunton venue
• Site visits with the opportunity to practice dowsing ‘in the field’, with support from experienced dowsers
• The opportunity to socialise with, and learn from, fellow dowsers
• Somerset Dowsers Newsletter
• Free access to our Library of dowsing books, DVDs and back issues of the BSD Journal – ‘Dowsing Today’ magazine
• Opportunities to get involved in the running of the Group
• Opportunities to attend other events to promote the Group and dowsing, such as Mind, Body, Spirit Fairs

What we expect from our Members:
Anyone wishing to join and be a Member of the Somerset Dowsers (SD) will be required to:
• Complete and sign a Membership form, and return it to the Secretary
• Pay the annual membership fee (at the Annual General Meeting, or shortly thereafter) – to the Treasurer
• Update the Secretary with any changes to:
1. Your personal details – Name, Address, Contact details
2. Your BSD membership status (i.e. if you leave or join the BSD)
• Sign the attendance sheet for outings and meetings
• Inform the Secretary/Outings Organiser if you will be attending an outing
• Inform the Secretary if you will NOT be attending a Talk/meeting (i.e. send apologies).
On joining Somerset Dowsers, Members are expected to adopt good dowsing practice and abide by the Code of Ethical Conduct of the British Society of Dowsers which explains your responsibilities as a Member of the Group and the need to act at all times within the BSD’s guidelines of honest and trustworthy behaviour, professionalism, respect for others, and financial probity.

In addition to this, Members are required to be aware that when attending Group events they are representatives of the Group. They are required to behave appropriately, have due regard for persons, land and property, and not bring dowsing or the Group into disrepute. Members should also be aware that they should not dowse anyone’s person or land or property without permission.