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To be held at: North Curry Village Hall (TA3 6NQ) on Saturday 29th February 2020

1000-1045 Matthew French: 5G – its implications.
1045-1130 Birgit Brouest – Harnessing the power of crystals and crystal grid to manifest a better life
1130-1200 Break
1200-1300 Laura Carpenter: Herbs – winter wellness, how to boost your immunity naturally and make
easy remedies from kitchen cupboard ingredients.
1300-1400 Lunch – Bring your own
1400-1500 Sean Ferris – Nutrition
1500-1530 Break
1530-1630 Dr Andrew Tresidder – Flower essences for personal growth

Speaker Bios:

Matthew French:
He spent his early life at sea as a Royal Naval seaman officer and hydrographer/oceanographer. After two sea commands, he left and went into commercial practice initially in the offshore oil industry and later working in the coastal zone where his company achieved a world first in subsea nuclear waste clear-up. He has been dowsing for over thirty five years and is now a professional healer of both buildings and people.

Birgit Broest:
I have always had a deep connection with crystals, spirituality and Mother Nature. Even as a child I would bring all manner of different stones and pebbles home and I was instinctively aware of their individual energy and healing
powers. They became steadfast friends whilst growing and finding my way through the quagmire of life. Adult Life soon had me entangled in the meaningless pursuit of living the rat race across Northern Europe and it took me a long time to find my way out. After a complete burnout late 2004 I decided to follow my heart and move to Cornwall. I now live, love and work in this beautiful county, which truly is my spiritual home. As an empath, I am deeply guided by my own intuition and feelings. Inspired by Nature, spirituality, meditation and mindfulness, I have been running my own crystal healing and selling business since 2012. Whilst immersing myself deeply into an accredited 2-year crystal healing course I began experimenting with crystal healing grids and sacred geometry, which soon gave me a much deeper understanding about energy flow and how the power of crystals and crystal grids can be harnessed to manifest abundance, healing and protection

Laura Carpenter:
Laura is a medical herbalist who began her journey with herbs in 2001. She gained a BSc (Hons) in Herbal Medicine from the University of East London. Laura’s interest in herbs is from both scientific research and traditional British herbal medicine perspectives. She has
a keen interest in using British plants, and the medicines she prescribes are often wild crafted, and organic where possible. Working in clinics across the UK, from hospital settings; NHS led herbal medicine clinics and private clinics Laura has broaden her perspectives and skills. She has also studied with well-known herbalists from across the world. Laura now runs herb identification walks across Somerset, and teaches workshops, evening classes and distance
learning courses on all aspects of herbal medicine and health.

Sean Ferris:
Eighteen years ago I became a professional after training with the renowned health dowser Jack Temple – who wrote the books, The Healer and Medicine Man. Dowsing enables a detailed exploration of the body on many levels and allows me to constantly uncover more of its mysteries. I like to think of the work as a balanced mix of art and science. I use a structured approach with room to allow for a client’s own unique nature to be taken into account.
This workshop will be on nutrition and the function of vitamins and minerals – not as the mainstream sees this topic but from the viewpoint of a dowser. We will look at how rather than just prescribing supplements one can use the absorption rates of a Vitamin to diagnose illness – from the life threatening to the common cold. It will be eminently practical and give you the tools to begin to launch your own exploration of the body.

Dr Andrew Tresidder:
Dr Andrew Tresidder, Somerset GP and Doctor since 1989, is well known for teaching about Bach and other Flower Essences, as well as about Health in general. We are all on a journey of personal development, and can be either ‘in-tune’ or drift ‘out of tune’. information from
nature – flower and other essences – can help us ‘retune’. Used proactively and regularly, they become the effortless support tools of personal growth, helping us navigate life’s experiences and ’get the wisdom’ from each event Bach sets will be on sale at a special price, as well as books and sets of photo cards

If you’d like to book a place for this workshop, please email Avril Davison on stating the number of tickets you’d like with your name and address and
contact details. She will then forward you details of how to pay, directions, etc.
Price is £30 for paid-up members of Somerset Dowsers otherwise £40. When you book
with Avril please let her know who is a member (by quoting membership number) and who is not.

Teas, coffees, etc. are all included but please remember to bring your own lunch.

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